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The First Cut 2024

Find Buyers, Distributors, and Sellers for Completed Films, Web Series, TV Dramas, Shorts, and Documentaries.


29 Feb - 02 Mar 2024

Price starts from

AED 900 / INR 20,000* / $250* incl. taxes

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So, you are ready with the First Cut of your feature, short, documentary, or Pilot Episode of Web-Series / TV Series and looking for support to either complete the post-production or take it to film festival circuit or find sales and distribution, here is an opportunity for you. Register your film with THE FIRST CUT.

Online Workshop

What is the First Cut?

​'The First Cut' is a ‘Viewing Room’ for ready new and yet to be released Feature Films, Short Films, Documentary films, Web series and Television Dramas for selection by OTT Platforms, Television Networks, Studios, Buyers, Distributors, Sales Agents and Film Festival Programmers. You could register your film on this platform which would be exclusively accessed by the Film Market delegates. If you are looking to promote, sell, license or find film festivals or distribution support, this platform is for you.

There are two ways to screen your film to buyers:

- Auditorium Screening (35 Seater) with 7.1 Sound

- Viewing Room (Can be accessed via secured network on a Laptop)


Auditorium Screening

Screen the film in a 35-Seater Fully Equipped Market Auditorium to organise screening of your Feature, Short or Documentary Film, Web Series and Music Videos and invite Festival Programmers, Distributors, Producers, Funding Agencies to your own Film Show.


AED 1330 / INR 30,000*

/ US$ 370* incl. tax

Auditorium Screening (AED 430) + Market Badge (AED 900) + Viewing Room

Image by Wes Hicks

Viewing Room

Screen the film in a 35-Seater Fully Equipped Market Auditorium to organise screening of your Feature, Short or Documentary Film, Web Series and Music Videos and invite Festival Programmers, Distributors, Producers, Funding Agencies to your own Film Show.


AED 900 / INR 20,000*

/ US$ 250* incl. tax

Market Badge (AED 900)

+ Viewing Room

How does it help Filmmakers?

A view by any of these film professionals opens a box of opportunities for you. The films can be picked up for support, business, and purchase of film rights on an outright or non-exclusive basis, gap funding, or co-production. Either way, it should work for you. The Film Bazaar serves as the gateway to facilitate the sale and distribution of films across various accessible platforms.

Important Dates

Regular Deadline (31 Jan 2024)

Late Deadline (22 Feb 2024)

Spot Booking (After Late Deadline)  50% Extra over the Regular Price

The Market Badge Package includes:

  1. Market Badge

  2. Lunch Invites x 3 Days

  3. Evening Cocktails x 3 Evenings

  4. Access to Diorama Film Bazaar Screenings

  5. Access to Networking

  6. Access to the Award Ceremony Red Carpet

  7. Project Listing in the Official Market Catalogue

Diorama Film Bazaar Market Badge.png
Image by HIVAN ARVIZU @soyhivan

Whom you will meet?

  • International Producers

  • OTT Platforms

  • Gap Funding Producers

  • Co-Production Partners

  • Representatives from funding bodies.

  • Film Financiers

  • Film Distributors

  • Sales Agents

  • Film Festival Directors/Programmers

  • Veteran Film Directors

  • Content Buyers

  • Film Acquisition Executives

  • International Film Commissioners

  • Film Equipment Providers

Or buy via Film Freeway here

Prime Viewing Space

Give your film the opportunity it needs

The First Cut offers filmmakers Prime Viewing Space in an auditorium at the Diorama Film Bazaar and Diorama Live platform. Diorama’s unique OTT Platform is a special online Video Library that stores all films and plays back on demand. This library is accessed by buyers, sales agents, festival programmers etc. This Library can also be accessed by registered Bazaar delegates remotely on Diorama Live.

Image by Headway
Business meeting

Access to Distributors

Network and Sell

An opportunity for filmmakers to show their film to sales agents, distributors, content buyers, and film festival directors across the world, in a Film Auditorium equipped with a 7.1 Dolby Sound system.

Submission Guidelines

Registered participants are required to fill 'Diorama First Cut Form' sent by Diorama Film Bazaar.

  1. Eligible Countries: All countries and regions can submit film projects/films 

  2. Formats: DCPs only 

  3. Film Type: Feature, Short, Web Series, TV Serial, Documentary Film, Music Videos  

  4. No submitted materials will be returned to the sender. 

  5. All films must have been subtitled in the English language. 

  6. Films should have been produced after December 2021. 

  7. Films should conform to the code of ethics followed at the Film Festivals. 

  8. Diorama Film Bazaar reserves the right to reject any film without furnishing any reasons. 

  9. ‘No Minimum Duration Bar’ for films. 

  10. The film copy should be a DCP of the film subtitled in the English language for dialogues.  

  11. No film without payment of the requisite fee shall be entertained.  

  12. Signed Certificate from the Producer that the film does not contain any objectionable, obscene material.  

  13. Your application must be submitted in English language only. 

  14. Multiple projects can be submitted. 

  15. Applications shall be processed only after receipt of application fee. 

  16. The Diorama Film Bazaar reserves the right to change Terms & Conditions of the programs without prior intimation. 

  17. Rights of admission reserved with Diorama Film Bazaar. 

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